Why weird url appearing in Google search

In recent days you might have noticed that google is having a weird/strange url like Actually what is this gws_rd=cr ? Most of the people have thought that it is ... Read more

How to remove express deprecation warning

I got the following warning:

Warning: express.createServer() is deprecated, express applications no longer inherit from http.Server, please use:
var express = require("express");
 var app = express();

In order to clear this issue:

Ch... Read more

How to prevent CodeIgniter from showing errors and warnings

Prevent the site from showing errors, warnings and notice in the live environment are crucial for entire site security. Hackers can easily identify the table and table fields if some of these errors are shown in the live environment. In order to prevent this from showing CodeIgniter has got an ... Read more

Adding number of days to an entered date in Javascript

In the given piece of code what I have done is: Using one textbox the date is accepted and 3 days are add to the entered date. Using this code you can easily add any number of days to the entered date.

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