Adding number of days to an entered date in Javascript

Posted by : Leo T Abraham on 6 July, 2013

In the given piece of code what I have done is: Using one textbox the date is accepted and 3 days are add to the entered date. Using this code you can easily add any number of days to the entered date.

    <h1>Change Date in Old Date and Click outside the textbox to increase the old date by 3</h1>
    Old Date (MM/DD/YYYY) : <input type="text" id="date1" onChange="datechange()"/><br><br>
    New Date (MM/DD/YYYY) : <input type="text" id="date2"/>
    function datechange()
        var d = 3;
        var myDate=new Date(document.getElementById('date1').value);
        document.getElementById('date2').value = (myDate.getMonth()+1)+'/'+(myDate.getDate())+'/'+(myDate.getFullYear());

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Matt Johnson
This approach will only work if the browser uses mm/dd/yyyy format. Much of the world uses dd/mm/yyyy format, and others use or other formats. Have you looked into moment.js?
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Thanks machaaa.....
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Ajeesh A
Its working.. Thanks... Leo